Historical Documentary Series | 5 Episodes
CLIENT: Honeybee, Cosmote TV, Mega
DATE: 2021

DIRECTORS: Harris Vafeiadis & Thanasis Totsikas

AIRED ON: Cosmote History, Mega TV


The Pioneers of the Revolution

In the lead-up to and during the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Ypsilantis brothers played pivotal roles. Their contributions were instrumental to the development of the liberation struggle. The documentary series, "Alexandros & Dimitrios Ypsilantis – The Pioneers of the Revolution," spans five compelling episodes and is set to broadcast on MEGA TV & COSMOTE HISTORY channels.

The series delves into the opulence of the Greek Diaspora in pre-revolutionary times, exploring the extensive networks of Greek expatriates across Europe. It sheds light on their influence in foreign imperial courts, showcasing the assimilation of Enlightenment ideas in prominent educational centers.

Our aim is to craft an informative documentary that possesses profound storytelling qualities. In achieving this, we meticulously constructed a comprehensive, visually appealing brand that not only establishes strong recognition but also captivates the viewer's interest.


Aligning with the brand's requirements, we curated a contemporary visual language. Inspired by Christianity and neoclassicism, the proposal centers around a Byzantine monogram forming the letters A (Alexander), D (Dimitris), Y (Ypsilantis). The eye-catching red color draws viewers in, with the brothers' signatures framing and embracing the monogram.

Typographically sensible

In mirroring period poetry editions, the FS Olivia Pro font strikes a perfect balance between typographic norms and unexpected irregularities. It adds a dramatic touch, capturing the essence of pen strokes on paper. PF RoyalScript, introducing a bold contrast, imparts a sense of classic opulence.

A visual identity with a contemporary twist

Drawing inspiration from Baroque intricacies and Enlightenment aesthetics, the key art reinvents the series' visual identity with a contemporary twist. Lithographs, period maps, stamps, postage stamps, and handwritten texts serve as foundational elements. The vintage classic aesthetic undergoes a modern transformation, blending diametrically opposed philosophies to create visual and semantic intrigue.
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