Pitching an idea!

Setting the tone with exciting storytelling in “build-to-order” scenarios. You just have to give us your idea about the project’s narrative. Who it should reach? Scripting ideas made simple, no matter how complex & extravagant the final product might be. An outline of a scenario is what you need. Plotting the course ahead!

Location Scouting

Striking visuals on a budget!

When you hear Greece, rich ancient history with breathtaking locations comes to mind. And it is true as Gullwing Productions is located in Northern Greece in one of the most both culturally and visually rich territories in Greece. Beautiful summerlike scapes can be turned to otherworldly and dramatic locations. Greece is a place with many faces. Sometimes stereotypes do come true!


Preparing for the unexpected!

We take production management very serious. From budget analysis & budgeting via cash flow plans, to film permits & content arrangements. In between a line manager and/or production manager will schedule cast & crew hiring, set construction, equipment rentals, accommodation, transportation and general concierge services. We got you covered!


Line Production as easy as ABC!

We keep planning ahead of the daily shoot while sticking to the budget and schedule. Principal photography will put the tone to the visuals, and techniques such as aerial filming will put a different glance to the subject. No matter if regular filming or streaming – multicam  live production is what we have to do. We shoot for the stars!

Crew & Equipment

Rental service.

As the saying goes: “Our people are the most important asset”. Indeed, we agree. But balance is needed between crew and equipment as price range differs. We offer for rent: cameras, microphones, drones, lights, generators, facilities & operators, even vehicles. No matter if it is land, sea or air. We can find it. We put the right crew with the most effective equipment per case!


Cost effective and quick!

This is the stage where all the magic happens. Where the combined efforts of previous stages of the production will be shaped into a final product. Color correction & color grading, visual effects (VFX), live action, motion graphics – CGI, animation, music composition & sound design. Also editing… Yep, almost forgot about the most crucial part.


Compositing perfection.

Our passionate team of designers / filmmakers love crafting high quality visual effects for film, TV shows and commercials. See our reel with recent projects.


3D Motion Graphics

Effective story-telling CGI.

We love finding unique and surprising ways to tell a story. Every project is a chance to expand the horizons of effective story-telling through advanced technologies. See the reel from various projects we have completed through the years.