Past In Colour: Historical mini documentary series.

Seeing a black and white photo of a bygone era usually makes us forget that the world was full of colours.

And yet, if we could see this colour photograph we would achieve a deeper understanding of the past.

Restoration - Colouring

New restoration and animation techniques coupled with historical references and research allow us to colour black and white photographs and break the barrier between the past and our contemporary perspective.

No. of Episodes:



2+ mins.


Info Filler – Mini Documentary




COSMOTE HISTORY – hourly broadcasts


Each photograph is part of a specific time frame and offers a look into the past. It captures a moment in the history of its time.

Narrations from historians complement the information about the time and thematic context of the photo.

Movement - Composition

Contemporary techniques give the photographs a breath of fresh air, they acquire movement, depth and come alive in three-dimensional space .

The camera enters the photograph and captures the moment from different angles. Faces and objects start moving, digital elements are added to the scene, compositing a lifelike moment in time.


The final presentation of every element (coloured photographs, texts, movements) is done in an effective and accessible way to the television audience. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing and unique TV product that magnetises the viewer.