An innate passion to create intriguing visuals in
a cost effective manner.

Gullwing Productions is a feature film production company based in Northern Greece, made from TV veterans with more than 25 years of experience and new-blood talented artists alike.

We deliver tailor-made content with premium storytelling in “build-to-order” scenarios for film and television industry as well as full corporate branding reels. Services include all stages of film-making such as line production & concierge services.

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We specialize in telling unique stories.

Creativity “outside of
the box”

Projecting your vision through our creative talent, vastly above the competition.

Adaptability at
its best

In Gullwing Productions we hear you. That’s why team-to-client coordination matters to us.

Cost effective solutions

We will never put your project on expense of the available resources. Time & money alike.

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Satisfied clients are second
nature to us.